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Your Skin:  

Graphic image warningContact dermatitis. Image credit: <!--mce:protected %0A-->Floreana, 2010.Contact dermatitis. Image credit: Lauren Jill Ahrold, 2008.Psoriasis. Image credit: <!--mce:protected %0A-->Alborz Fallah, 2013.Psoriasis on elbow. IMage credit: Alborz Fallah, 2013.severe psoriasis. Image credit: James Heilman, MD, 2010.Eczema. Image credit: Assianir, 2013.Eczema or atopic dermatitis. Image credit: Assianir, 2013Dyshidrotic eczema. Image credit: Eugene Alvin Villar, 2008.Dyshidrotic eczema. Image credit: La belle morte, 2008.Seborrheic dermatitis. Image credit: Amras666, 2008.Seborrheic dermatitis. Image credit: klaus d peter gummersbach, 2009Stasis dermatitis. Image credit: Cardiologist61, 2013.Ichthyosis. Image credit: CDC/ Richard S. Hibbets, 1971Actinic keratosis. Image credit: Future FamDoc, 2014Actinic keratosis. Image credit: James Heilman, MD, 2017Lichen planus. Image credit: Warfieldian, 2013Lichen planus. Image credit: CDC/ Wallace N. McLeod, M.D.; Bob Craig, 1965R.ingworm on face. Image credit: Lucyin, 2016Ringworm. Image credit: Grook Da Oger, 2008.Woman sitting in waiting room itching arm.Ointment tube.
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