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We offer a broad selection of medical supplies and equipment direct to individuals or stock ship to health programs or facilities.  We have the flexibility to fill individual prescriptions and bill on line to most insurers, or provide bulk ordering and shipping to Health Centres, Nursing stations and Home & Community Care Programs.

Require stock orders? Use our online catalog or click on our order-form to create your order and request a quote.  Don’t see the item you are looking for?  Contact us and we will source it for you.

Our Staff are all certified compression stocking fitters

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Catalog Anyone?

When internet searching is not a convenient option, we also offer different types of catalogs for medical supply and equipment items to make it easier for healthcare providers to identify and prescribe the items a patient needs.

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Thank you for putting everything together for me so quickly.  The staff enjoyed their day doing footcare.  I appreciate your support!

Michelle Greenslade

Tribal HCCP Advisor

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A new analysis of existing studies suggests that single, divorced, and widowed people are at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The authors suggest that healthcare providers consider marital status as an independent risk factor.Getting married may have...

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Grand Medicine Medical Supply & Equipment

Grand Medicine Medical Supplies & Equipment

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