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Gail Halko Grand Medicine

Gail Halko COO Grand Medicine

Gail Halko has been a Partner and Director of Operations with Grand Medicine Health Services since 2003. A graduate from the University of Manitoba, Gail has always worked on the business side of healthcare including five years with an International Pharmaceutical company. Prior to joining Grand Medicine, Gail owned and operated a community Pharmacy.

Gail’s role has focused on the logistics of providing high quality pharmacy services as well as drug formulary navigation at the Federal and Provincial level. In particular, Gail’s expertise lies in that space where First Nation peoples move from Provincial health programming to Federal health programming. She has the depth and breadth of expertise in Federal First Nations pharmaceutical funding, the limitations of that, and the resulting impacts on provincial budgets.

In early 2016, Gail acquired an ownership position in Medical Cannabis Resource Centres of Manitoba. There, Gail developed a cannabis service model of education and support similar to other healthcare based patient education models. In developing this Centre, Gail has become an expert in medicinal cannabis with knowledge ranging from Licensed Producers, cannabis components, distribution channels, the current legal framework and frameworks currently under consideration as Canada moves towards legalization.

Reports & Publications

  • Compounding guidelines for Nursing Stations
  • White Paper: Blood Glucose test strips in a Canadian formulary environment
  • Prescribing & Coverage issues Associated with Non-Insured Health Benefits
  • Diabetes Education modelling in a Distance Care environment

Education workshops/Presentations

  • October 6, 2016 “The Cannabis Question” with speaker Dr. Andrea Burry.
  • Hospital Innovators conference (2011) presented on the subject of discharging patients: “Successful Transition Strategies for Patients Moving from Provincial Healthcare Programming to Federal Healthcare Programming – A pharmacy’s Perspective”
  • Medication Reconciliation Conference -Manitoba (2013): “Medication Reconciliation does not end at Discharge”.
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