Drug Recalls by Health Canada

Health Advisories

One lot of the hypoglycemia treatment Glucagon recalled as it may pose serious health risks
Eli Lilly Canada Inc. is recalling one lot of Glucagon (D239382A, expiry May 10, 2022), following a complaint that a vial from this lot was found to be in liquid form rather than powder form. Glucagon normally comes in a powder form with accompanying diluting solution, and should be used immediately after mixing. Other vials in the lot may be affected.
BlackOxygen Organics recalls fulvic acid tablets and powder due to potential health risks
BlackOxygen Organics is recalling all lots of BlackOxygen Tablets (NPN 80106662) and BlackOxygen Organics Powder (NPN 80097385) due to potential health risks.
Health Canada suspends licence and requested a recall for PURE75 gel hand sanitizer due to potential serious health risks
Health Canada has suspended the product licence for PURE75 gel hand sanitizer (NPN 80098346) due to health risks. The Department tested the product and found that it contains an undeclared impurity, methanol, at elevated levels. Methanol can cause serious health issues and is not authorized for use in hand sanitizers.
Health Canada warns of magnet sets that pose serious health risks
Health Canada is warning Canadians of the serious danger posed by three magnet sets primarily sold online (photos below):