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Naloxone Kits now available at all our pharmacies.  Some Insurance coverage applies.  Be safe.  Get your kit today.

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Grand Medicine
Winnipeg at Cree

Grand Medicine
Health Sciences Centre

Grand Medicine
Hodgson, MB

Grand Medicine
Medical Supply

Health Sciences Centre Pharmacy

Grand Medicine Health Sciences Pharmacy at HSC

Located at the main entrance of Health Sciences hospital in Winnipeg.  The perfect place to stop and pick up your medications whether just leaving the hospital, working on site or as part of your clinic visit.  We will get you what you need to get you home, and we can follow up with your home pharmacy to ensure all of your refills are available to you when you need them.

mail order pharmacy

Grand Medicine Health Services - Pharmacy

Located at Cree Crescent in Winnipeg and specializing in Non Insured Health Benefits, we offer pharmacy services and direct delivery of medications to nursing stations, health centres, or direct to patients anywhere in Manitoba, Northwest Ontario and Nunavut at no extra charge.  Its private, fast and secure.

medical supplies equipment

Grand Medicine Medical Supply & Equipment

We offer a broad selection of medical supplies and equipment direct to individuals or stock ship to health programs or facilities.  We have the flexibility to fill individual prescriptions and bill on line to most insurers, or provide bulk ordering and shipping to Health Centres, Nursing stations and Home & Community Care Programs.

diabetes education

Grand Medicine Diabetes Education Centre

Offering certified diabetes education in easy to access formats.  Access and learn about managing diabetes the way you need to.  Also, for those trying to fit a new diagnosis into a busy schedule, we can fast track learning to allow you to incorporate health management on the fly.  Covered by most insurance plans
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Grand Medicine Pharmacy - Hodgson

Providing pharmacy, medical supply and equipment services in Hodgson and the surrounding area.  We can do up your medication packs at no extra charge.

medical imaging


Offering medical imaging and information management solutions to Canadian healthcare institutions.

aboriginal partnerships

Business Opportunities

Partnerships between aboriginal and non aboriginal businesses is a way for both businesses to compete for business that neither would have access to on their own.

Grand Medicine Group of Companies

A multi-service aboriginal healthcare company meeting the needs of urban, rural and remote communities throughout Manitoba, Nunavut and Northwestern Ontario. Grand Medicine is pharmacy, medical supply, medical equipment, and offers free prescription delivery anywhere in Manitoba direct to you.  We manage Pharmacare, CFS (both realtime and invoicing services offered) and NIHB claims management for First Nations.

Grand Medicine: Award Winning Health Care

CPhA Patient Care Achievement award for Innovation 2012

Magnum Opus award 2010

Commitment to Care award 2007

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